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Who We Are

  • Establish control over their
  • Reduce visual chaos
  • Increase the functionality
    of their home or office
  • Be more efficient and
    productive (so they can
    spend their time doing the
    things they love to do)
  • Fully enjoy their time and

  • Non-judgmental and
    objective partner
  • Attention to your specific
  • Strategies for clearing the
    clutter for good
  • Solutions customized for
    your life
  • Respectful treatment of
    you and your things
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Eve D'Onofrio, Ph.D.

Professional Organizer &
Founder of Organized Tranquility
"As a messy, clutter-happy couple, we were skeptical about
getting things in order.  But we knew we needed help, and Eve
was there every step of the way with
supportive words,
actions, and proactive solutions
to keep us motivated through
the difficult process of dealing with our stuff.  With Eve's
we were able to transform our unbelievably
cluttered junk room into the nursery of my dreams
.  Eve's
gentle guidance and skilled organizational abilities made all
the difference in completing our project.
 We couldn't have
done it without her
Eve's mission
Eve is a credentialed Specialist in Chronic Disorganization and doesn't shy away
from a "hairy" challenge.  In fact, the bigger the challenge, the more gratifying it is
when she and her client enact solutions that make that person's daily life flow more

Eve works with people all along the spectrum of disorganization and doesn't mind
getting her hands dirty. Having earned her Ph.D. from Stanford in political
philosphy, Eve has an interest in understanding the psychology underlying
disorganization (the clutter behind the clutter).  A former college professor, Eve
realized that there was a way of combining her knack for teaching, interest in
psychology, and passion for helping others with her eye for design and her natural
organizational abilities.  She has taken over 40 credited courses on chronic
disorganization, and with an emphasis on ADD/ADHD and hoarding.  

Eve works with individuals and families, stay-at-home moms and small business
owners, and any one else who feels overwhelmed with too much to do and not
enough time or space to get it all done.  Eve also enjoys serving the senior
community and helping them and their families deal with organizing-related life
Background & Memberships
Organizing isn't one size fits all
We help people like you experience the sense of control, relief, joy, and inner
that results from living and working in a space that reflects your personality,
needs, goals, and lifestyle.

Eve is committed to developing solutions that are right for you.  She wants to
understand the way you think, function, and use your home or office in order
develop an effective solution that suits your individual circumstances.  

This way, you can actually stay organized - in the long run.