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Frequently  Asked  
Should I try to clean up and organize my things before Organized Tranquility arrives?
Don’t clean or attempt to straighten out your things.  It’s important that we see the way you live or work on an
average day in your life in order to be successful in creating a new system that you can easily maintain.  Remember,
we are not here to judge or criticize.  We're here to help, and this requires understanding the type and scope of the
problem in order to develop the best solution for you.

Why am I so disorganized?  No matter what I do, I just seem to end up with a bigger mess than I started
with.  It's embarrassing.
Don’t feel embarrassed, incompetent, or guilty about your clutter.  People become (and stay) disorganized for a
variety of reasons.  For some, the reasons run deep; for others, circumstance or method play a role. Whatever is
holding you back, we are here to help.  Through our consultation and conversations, we will work to determine the
root cause of the disorganization so we can address it.  
Where you see problems, we find solutions.  But,
remember, getting organized isn’t about blame or pointing fingers.  It’s about figuring out what hasn't worked in the
past and why so that we can clear out the clutter and create a space that enables you to have the time and energy
to focus on what really matters.

Can you organize my things without me?
While it is preferable for us to work together as partners and for you to be fully involved in the process of  clearing
the clutter and redesigning your space, OT is happy to accommodate any reasonable organizing arrangement that
works for you. In the event you prefer that we complete the organizing work in your absence, we will work with you
to construct a system for creating an organizational solution that reflects your needs, personality, and vision for
your room, home, or place of work.

What are some of the benefits of being organized, beyond having an orderly home or office?
  • Up to 40% less time doing housework
  • Increased productivity
  • More free time
  • More money, less waste
  • Higher profits from the sale of your home
  • More contentment, less anxiety
  • A greater sense of confidence, control, and peace of mind
  • Full enjoyment of your living and working environments

How do you determine your fees?  
We offer a free 1 hour initial consultation.  Once hired, Organized Tranquility's fees are based on hourly pricing,
although package pricing is available if preferred.   Organizing, packing, and design materials (such as new organizing
units/containers for your space, moving/banker’s boxes, and decorative items) are not included in our hourly fees.

What should I expect during the initial consultation?
During the free initial consultation, Eve D'Onofrio will come to your home or office to make a general assessment of
your space and needs, discuss our services and approach with you, and answer any questions you may have.  
Following the initial consultation, Eve will work with you to create an action plan that reflects your requirements,
schedule, and budget.

Is there anything I should do to prepare for my first organizing session?
  • If you have the opportunity, you can gather together any organizing supplies (like labels, markers, boxes,
    wastebaskets, etc) that you have on hand that may help in the organizing process.
  • It's also important to try to eliminate distractions during organizing sessions, so that we can really focus on
    tackling the clutter and reconfiguring your living or work environment to better suit your needs.
  • Finally, you should be prepared to communicate honestly with us about your organizing challenges, what you
    think has been preventing you from having the kind of work or living space you desire, and what you hope to
    achieve by the end of our work together.  The more candid you are, the more successful we will be in creating a
    successful new system for you.

How long does a typical organizing session last?
The length of organizing sessions varies from client to client.  They can be as short as 2 hours and as long as 10
hours, depending on the urgency and magnitude of the project, as well as the desired timetable of the client.  These
sessions can be scheduled on a weekly or monthly basis.

My whole family is struggling with the disorganization problems in our home.  Can you work with us?
We work with individuals, couples, and families, as well as employees/co-workers.

What is NAPO?
The premier national association dedicated to the field of organizing, the National Association of Professional
Organizers (
NAPO) is The Organizing Authority®. Formed in 1985 as a not-for-profit professional association, NAPO
is dedicated to serving its thousands of members through education, networking, industry resources, and
promoting the profession to the public. NAPO’s mission is to develop, lead, and promote professional organizers and
the organizing industry.  
  Organized Tranquility is an active member of both NAPO National and the SF Bay Area
NAPO chapter.

What is the ICD?  
The ICD is the Institute for Challenging Disorganization, formerly called the National Study Group on Chronic
Disorganization. Its mission is to benefit people affected by chronic disorganization.  The ICD explores, develops,
and communicates information, organizing techniques, and solutions to professional organizers, related
professionals, and the public.
 Organized Tranquility is an active member of the ICD and is a regular contributor to
The Chronical, ICD's bimonthly publication.

What areas do you serve?
The Peninsula, South Bay and Coastside (including Half Moon Bay, Pacifica, Pescadero, and other coastal
.  If your project is located outside of OT's local service areas, please contact us to discuss your particular
We are here to answer your questions, starting with, where do I begin?