What our
clients say
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“By the time we finished working together, we had organized almost my entire house and I felt like a
50 lb weight had been lifted off my shoulders.  It was such a relief to have a sense of order in our up
every nook and cranny in the house, and I was embarrassed about how totally disorganized I had
been.  But Eve approached the process with levity and efficiency.  She helped me stay on task and
refocus when I started to feel overwhelmed.  I was really satisfied with our results, and I would
definitely hire Eve again.”
Daisy, Sunnyvale

“I have great respect for Eve. She is an excellent and compassionate listener, intelligent, reliable, and
an extremely hard worker.  In clearing my files, she got me through thousands of pages of paper
with her kind encouragement, clear definitions of what needed to be kept, and endurance. I would
have never completed the job without her encouragement and persistence. I want to thank her very
Linda, Los Altos                                                                                                   

"We postponed the remodel of our study for 15 years, due to reluctance to tackle the daunting task
of purging our files.  We tried scheduling the work, and even other 'organizing coaches,' to no avail.  
Then Eve came to us through a friend's recommendation and, now, the job is done.  She is a
thorough-going professional and a joy to do business with.  Despite the task at hand, we always  
looked forward to her visits, and we're sure to use her help again in the future.  She has our highest
Dick & Linda, Los Altos

“The day that Eve came, I thought, ‘What's she going to do?  Only I can deal with this stuff.’  Thank
goodness I was wrong.  Eve is very sensitive, non-judgmental and discreet and I am so grateful for
the day she walked through the door.  My life had literally been on hold for 7 years and she helped
me get it started again.  We went through every inch of the house and garage. There were a lot of
'emotional bombs' lurking in there: mail unanswered for YEARS, my deceased dog's toys, a lot of
stuff I didn't want to deal with.  I could never find anything and would end up buying things three or
four times over.  I thought ‘I should be able to do this myself!’ but never actually did it.  By working
with Eve, I learned a new way of thinking that I still use.  Now, I'm trying to convince my parents to
let her go through their whole house!"
Emily, San Jose                                                                                                    

“Words cannot express how relieved and happy I am with getting rid of the clutter, simply put.  I don’
t have to tell you how personal it can be to take a hard look at our closets and Eve made it feel safe
and effortless.  It was a pleasure to work side by side with her.”                                    
Claudia, San Mateo

“Upon the completion of our newly remodeled kitchen, Eve appeared and took the stress out of
relocating all of our kitchen utensils, dishes, glassware, and food products.  She guided us in
suggesting where to conveniently place all items, in order for them to be most accessible and useful.  
Our new pantry is so well organized now, everything is extremely easy to find.  Thank you, Eve.  It
was a pleasure and a wonderful experience working with you.  With thanks to you, we are enjoying
our new and functional kitchen very
Barbara, Los Altos

“Eve really dives in and makes short work of what feels like a huge mess.  She is warm and
understanding and you feel very comfortable with her seeing your disorganized state.  I could open
up about problems leading to my disorganization without feeling intimidated or judged.  At the same
time, she is very professional and thorough, and really solves the problem."
Lynne, Saratoga

“It is a pleasure working with Eve.  My work efficiency has improved since her ‘office makeover.’”   
Brian, Sunnyvale

“Eve’s Organized Tranquility is amazing.  She delivers in an unfailingly kind manner.  I was dazzled
and unequivocally recommend her."
Batya, San Jose                                                                                                           

“In preparation for a kitchen remodel, Eve packed and labeled everything for me.  It was wonderful
not have to worry about the packing along with all the other details of this project.  It was a pleasure
to work with Eve – she is very efficient and knows just what to do to make things easy for her
client.  I can highly recommend her
Patricia, Menlo Park

“Eve has made it a pleasure to be in my own home and has introduced me to how nice it can feel to
visually enjoy all the spaces and corners of my house!  It is such an amazing feeling to have my mind
freed up from all the visual clutter that was in the house and makes it possible to think and
methodically plan my days and activities in a way that makes sense.   Every time I see one of her
touches on the wall or in a drawer or on a shelf, it's like the visual equivalent of listening to an
enjoyable piece of music.”                               
Lucy, Los Altos
Client Stories
"When I say, 'I can't thank you enough' I mean
it very literally.  I just don't think you can
possibly know how
you have changed my
whole living environment, how I think about
stuff, and the way I see my futur
e.  Thank
you for sharing your gifts with me.  If you
hadn't, I'd still be sitting in an overflowing
house with a bunch of stuff that wasn't taking
me where I wanted to go.  You've given me the
gift of turning some day into
Emily, San Jose