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If you are chronically disorganized, it's likely that you've been struggling to "get
organized,"  be on time, or complete a never-ending TO DO list for most, if not
all, of your life.  You might be at your wits end, ready to pull your hair out or
hide under the covers because everywhere you look there's more stuff, more to
do, less time and space, and only one of you.  Maybe you feel overwhelmed and
anxious about how to get started.  Perhaps you even feel like a lost cause.

Chronic disorganization (CD) is chronic; that is, it doesn't just go away.  The
good news is that it can be managed, rather effectively, with commitment and
realistic strategies designed for how you think.  You might not become Martha
Stewart, but we can help you achieve the level of organization that's right for
you.  And that's what counts!

Eve D'Onofrio, a CD specialist, pays attention to the little things that matter, like
whether you are primarily a visual, auditory, or tactile learner, or your habit of
putting your laptop next to the front door every day.  Gathering clues like these,
she helps you declutter and redesign your space to suit your lifestyle and reflect
your natural tendencies.
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Specialists in chronic disorganization and life transitions
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We make molehills out of mountains

Organized Tranquility loves to help people simplify, establish control over their
stuff and their time, and move past feeling "stuck."  We help clients across the
organizing spectrum, including those who feel beyond help or hope.

With a non-judgemental, consistent, and humorous approach, we pride
ourselves on honoring you and your things, while helping you move beyond the
clutter -
 no matter how bad it looks or feels.   
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