Why Get Organized?
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  • Have you been putting off an organizing or unpacking project because you don’t know where to begin?

  • Do you seem to have outgrown your living space but don’t want to move?

  • Do you find yourself avoiding certain areas of your home or not using rooms for their intended
    purpose?  For example, has a dining room or guest room become a de facto junk closet?

  • Have recent major life events, like the birth of a new child, a marriage, a divorce, or a death in the family
    made it a real challenge to have the time, energy, or motivation to get organized?

  • Do you ever feel like your files just get up and walk away from where you left them?

  • Do you worry that you won’t get the asking price you want (and deserve) for the home you are selling?

  • Are you too busy with work, children, or other commitments to go through your things but wish your
    home would miraculously look like those “after” pictures on Oprah and TLC?

  • Do you avoid having invited guests and fear that someone will drop by unannounced?

  • Do you and your partner have clashing organizational and decorating styles that you would like to
    reconcile so you can both live in an environment that suits your individual and joint needs?

  • Do you increasingly feel stuck or overwhelmed by the condition of your living space or home office?  

  • Do you wish you could actually park your car in the garage?

  • Do you sometimes double- or triple-buy because you can’t find the things you own?

  • Are you unable to honor your sentimental items, photos, memorabilia, heirlooms, or special collections
    because they are buried in boxes or lost in a pile of clutter, rather than displayed with the care and
    dignity they deserve?

  • Are you often late for work, appointments, and family gatherings because you can't find what you need
    when you're heading out the door?

  • Is your clutter causing stress, tension, or arguments with a spouse, partner, or other members of your
    household or family?

  • Are you a senior citizen downsizing from a home to an apartment or assisted-living community?

  • Are your closets so over-stuffed you dread having to deal with them?

  • Is your clutter lowering your self-esteem, making you feel out of control or trapped?

  • Do you keep putting organizing off until “tomorrow,” but procrastinating just makes the problem and
    you feel worse?
“Organizing is the process by which we
environments that enable us to
live, work, and relax exactly as we
want to.
 When we are organized, our
homes, and schedules reflect and
encourage who we are, what we want,
and where we are going.”
~ Julie Morgenstern
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